Duuuudddeeee! Take a Tip From Michael Phelps

…and get your stoner urges out of the way YEARS before the Games.

American judoka Nick Delpopolo thrown out of Olympics for testing positive for THC

American judoka Nick Delpopolo has been expelled from the Olympics for testing positive for tetrahydrocannabinol, or as it’s more commonly known, THC. It’s the chemical found in marijuana and hash.

According to a statement released by the USOC, Delpopolo is embarrassed and blamed the positive test on an “inadvertent consumption of food that I did not realize had been baked with marijuana.

That’s either an amazing excuse or Delpopolo is cursed with the worst friends on the planet.

Brownies…POT BROWNIES?!?! You got thrown out of the Olympics for POT BROWNIES?

Are you SHITTIN’ ME?!?!

One roundhouse to the head too many with that lad.

8 Responses to “Duuuudddeeee! Take a Tip From Michael Phelps”

  1. aelfheld says:



  2. tree hugging sister says:

    No one told him the brownies were loaded…

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Umm. It could happen. Though, not, I think, without him knowing it when it happened.

    I got served a nice cuppa herbal tea once. Yeah, it was HERBal alright.

    But I knew after I drank it that it wasn’t sleepy-time. :/

    Mind you, that was back in the 70’s – but I don’t see any reason why people are any less rotten nowadays about serving ‘herbs’ without notice?

  4. RealityCheck says:

    Let’s be fair here, Pot is LEGAL in several of the participating countries. Perhaps it is unjust that he is being kicked to the curb for imbibing something that would be perfectly legal if he walked across a border.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    Reality, it wasn’t the US which kicked him out. THC is a banned substance by the IOC.

    I frankly find it hard to fathom how THC would positively affect one’s performance, but banned it is.

    He’s a moron.

  6. Ave says:

    Maybe Nick and Alberto Contador can help console each other.

  7. JeffS says:

    Fair is not the issue, Reality. The IOC set up the rules, and they aren’t secret, so Delpopolo can’t say he didn’t know about them.

    So he has three choices: (1) accept personal responsibility, and move on; (2) snivel about this being “unfair”; or (3) use his judo mojo to put the hurt on his “friends” who screwed him over.

    Sounds like he has taken #1. So let’s not make excuses for him, m’kay?

  8. mojo says:

    When did pot become a “performance enhancing drug”?

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