Earth Power Hour!

It sounds like some kinky Enviro-pr0n movie from the 70s, doesn’t it? Well, this Saturday our friends in Australia will be turning out the lights for ONE WHOLE HOUR to show how much they CARE about Gaia. Well, actually, our real friends will be trying to use as much power as possible, and we’d like all of you to join them.

“Honey, let me light that cigarette for you!”

Now, I have no idea what time it is here in NJ when it’s 8 pm on Saturday in Sydney (I’m guessing they’ll be well into Monday at that point), but I do know that this Saturday at 8 pm I’ll be making the most Gaia-phobic meal I can think of (and cobble together in a reasonable amount of time) and I hope y’all will join me in doing your part to show how much we appreciate consuming all the varied energy sources she has so kindly provided.

Dinner is served!

Heck, we’ll need to warmenize all we can as the forecast for Saturday night is in the upper 20s, which is well below normal for the end of March.

4 Responses to “Earth Power Hour!”

  1. Cool bonfire you got there, B. You a Captain Morgan drinker?

  2. Ash says:

    Earth Power Hour will be an event to remember.
    In fact, I’m already celebrating, only 12 hours early!

  3. I have no idea when Earth Hour comes on local time. I guess I’ll just have to keep the lights on all night.

  4. Gunslinger says:

    Am I being too harsh when I say that Earth Hour is one of the most blatant displays of pretentious, narcissistic gimmickry I seen in a while?

    BTW, it was between 8 and 9PM (fifteen minutes ago).

    I ran a hair dryer that I haven’t used in a dog’s age for the hour to celebrate.

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