ebola Just Sent

I think the questioner needs to ask Roseanne Barr, as a map would be a waste of time.

3 Responses to “ebola Just Sent”

  1. ricki says:

    My first thought was “surely that can’t be for real” but then again, considering the spelling, grammar, and general run-on-ness of the sentence, maybe it is.
    I like that the person answering the question restrained themselves from using terms like “dillweed” in their response. That would have been a little hard for me.

  2. I believe calmly answering it WOULD be a character building exercise.

  3. Mockinbird says:

    You better be worried. Russia has put two troop carriers up the St Marys river and they’re staging soldiers just south of Folkston. A spy just told me that 2000 Russkies will march to Waycross for lunch,(probably fried chicken, AGAIN). Another of our covert contact told me that General Williamnoff Shermanevsky is in charge, and he is pissed that he can’t find any vodka at all.

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