Ed McMahon Has Died

Semper fi and God speed, Colonel.

5 Responses to “Ed McMahon Has Died”

  1. Steve Skubinna says:

    The Duke’s favorite sauce, named Macmahonaise in his honor, was later shortened to mayonnaise.
    Somebody is pulling somebody else’s leg here. I don’t know if the author is making a joke or if he’s fallen for one himself. Mayonnaise is named for Port Mahon, in Minorca, in commemoration of the French capture of that island from the British in 1756. That incidentally was the same incident that induced the British government, to avoid the political fallout from losng the island, to execute Admiral Byng after a kangaroo court.
    Typical – the Brits lose an admiral, the Frogs gain a sauce.

  2. JeffS says:

    Farewll, Ed, you were a great guy…..

  3. Retread says:

    I saw him on TV recently and it reminded me of all those years he was Johnny Carson’s sidekick. Thanks for the laughs. RIP, sir.

  4. greg newson says:

    Here’ssssss Johnny.Ed was part of the culture that
    is sorely missed.Sitting in front of the TV late
    at night watching Johnny Carson.Laughing at clean jokes and watching the guests.
    Nowadays, the comics have to talk about sex or
    bodily functions,because they are weak, insipid
    pawns of the new world order.Excuse me,we do miss
    the real Tonight Show,I don’t know if any of you are
    old enough to remember it’s special place…..
    It was something special.

  5. Jim - PRS says:

    A great American — rare in Showbiz these days.

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