Egypt’s “Islamic Dear Abby”

…During a visit to London, then Mayor Ken Livingstone asked the sheikh how he felt about the rights of homosexuals. “He told me that he was against attacks on homosexuals,” Livingstone recalls. But the mufti isn’t opposed to 100 lashes for gays and lesbians if that is the punishment imposed by a Sharia judge, at least according to statements he has made on his program.

Just the sort of secular, cuddly, Sharia mufti f*cker you’d expect, n’est pas?


4 Responses to “Egypt’s “Islamic Dear Abby””

  1. Yojimbo says:

    I guess it all depends upon what your definition of “attack” is. Iran probably doesn’t consider shooting gays an “attack” because it’s based upon Sharia law. Probably the same in Egypt and the rest of the area. 100 lashes is probably thought of as “compassion”.

  2. Yojimbo says:

    Waiting for the GLAAD condemnation of things like this is 5…4…3…3…4…5…6.

  3. major dad says:

    You’ll be counting for awhile Yojimbo. Over at Powerline there is story on the University of Minnesota Law Schools’s Human Rights Center has established an,and I kid you not,Islamic Law and Human Rights program. WTF is wrong with these academics are they all delusional?

  4. Yojimbo says:

    Yes they are delusional. You can add the Berkeley Commission on Peace and Social Justice in there for good measure. They announced that they would be willing to accept a couple of the fellas from Club Gitmo Sur Mer as their most favored guests.

    I think we may need more chairs at the Darwin Awards Dinner this year.

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