Exit Polls Will Bite You in the Last Thing

…to exit the polls every time. ABCNews called it for Fatah last night, based on “the exit polls just in.”.

Hamas’ top official told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday the Islamic militant group is ready for a partnership after defeating the ruling Fatah Party in parliamentary elections – a shocking upset sure to throw Mideast peacemaking into turmoil.
Officials in both parties said Hamas appeared to have captured a large majority of seats in Wednesday’s elections. The Central Election Commission said the vote count had not been completed and that it would make an official announcement Thursday evening.

5 Responses to “Exit Polls Will Bite You in the Last Thing”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Ask President Kerry about exit polls. President Gore, too.

  2. Well, Goldwater was President and he didn’t come close in the exit polls.

  3. Ken Summers says:

    An admiral AND a president? Where did he find the time, with all those Disney cartoons he did?

  4. Don’t forget his role in “Silent Running”. It was well after all the political stuff had wound down.

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