Extreme Make-Over

…the Canadian edition.

Newly centrist Harper heading for polls upset
Until the Canadian election campaign got under way in late November, Stephen Harper, leader of the opposition Conservative party, was widely viewed outside his home province of Alberta as a truculent and condescending ideologue. That image helped seal the Conservatives’ defeat in the last election, in June 2004.
But voters have seen a different candidate this winter, one more centrist and much more to their liking, setting the stage for what could be one of the biggest upsets in Canada’s political history.

And he likes us ~ as in the U.S. us.

One Response to “Extreme Make-Over”

  1. Dave J says:

    “Newly centrist” is nonsense: he’s “become” centrist not because he’s really changed any of views, but because: 1) he’s got some better PR people and 2) the media realizes he’s going to win. I like Stephen Harper, and his near-certain victory gets me to thinking there may be some hope yet for Canada. Good luck to him cleaning up the Liberals’ mess: he’s going to need it. If you don’t see high-level members of the Martin government and the Chretien one that preceded it going to prison within the next few years, then Harper has failed.

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