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Serbs suggest partition of Kosovo
The head of Serbia’s delegation on the future status of Kosovo has suggested partition of the disputed territory if no way can be found for ethnic Albanians and Serbs to live together


Nigeria hands Bakassi to Cameroon
Officials from Nigeria and Cameroon have held a joint ceremony in the disputed oil-rich Bakassi peninsula to mark its transfer to Cameroon.
… But the court ruling has not gone down well with Nigerians living in the peninsula, the BBC’s Alex Last reports from nearby Calabar.
Most Archibong residents have said they would rather leave their ancestral land than be ruled by Cameroon, such is their level of mistrust.


Somalia’s PM calls for ceasefire
Somalia’s interim Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Ghedi has called for a ceasefire with the Union of Islamic Courts, which controls the capital.
He called on the Islamists to join peace talks in Sudan, to which Mr Ghedi said he would send a delegation.
…Talks between the interim government and the courts are very important for the future of Somalia, Prime Minister Ghedi said.
Tensions between the government and Islamists have prompted fears of escalated conflict.


Hundreds die as fighting curbs hopes for peace talks
BATTLES raged across the north and east of Sri Lanka yesterday in the bloodiest fighting since a 2002 ceasefire, thwarting hopes of renewed peace talks.
Nearly 200 people were killed over the weekend with the heaviest fighting reported on the approaches to the city of Jaffna in the north. The violence followed two weeks of fighting near the eastern city of Trincomalee in which about 500 people have died and at least 60,000 have fled their homes.
…The scale and ferocity of the latest fighting made many Sri Lankans fear that full-scale war had returned after months of smaller clashes.


Buoyed Hezbollah plans next move


Hope for new talks with North Korea pinned to aid from South
Scarcely more than a month after refusing to ship food and fertilizer to North Korea, South Korea is proffering “strictly humanitarian” aid to help rescue the North from flooding reminiscent of the disasters that preceded the famine of the late 1990s.
…South Korea’s Unification Ministry, after having rejected North Korea’s request for five hundred thousand tons of rice as well as fertilizer after the missile shots but before the flooding, responded eagerly to resume efforts at reconciliation despite US pressure to hold out for a return to six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear weapons.


‘The Street Is Not With Us’
An Arab envoy on the chasm between Israel and Hizbullah—and between Arab leaders and their people

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