File Under: I’m So Mad, I’m Molting

You know, when the Swilling was mentioned on CNN, people had to Google to find us. But THIS classless anal orifice…

The heckler who cursed Vice-President Dick Cheney on live television has become a bit of a hero among foes of the Bush administration.
The man, who had just visited his hurricane-destroyed home at the time he told the veep to “Go [bleep] yourself Mr. Cheney,” has been identified as Dr. Ben Marble, a young emergency-room physician who plays in alternative rock bands.
He has been lauded on various Web sites and blogs, has set up his own Web site that discusses the incident, has been attempting to sell a tape of the incident on eBay, and even links to a line of “Go [Bleep] Yourself Mr. Cheney” merchandise — including T-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, a baby bib, and a dog shirt, emblazoned with the now-infamous line.

…gets a LIVE LINK to his CafePress site?!! What, so everyone has a chance to buy his clever, clever T-Shirts? They didn’t even try to spell our name right in the transcript, for gawd’s sake! Talk about BIAS in the media! Gorezilla in Sod Off stuff runs rings around this loser and tastefully.

4 Responses to “File Under: I’m So Mad, I’m Molting”

  1. John says:

    Physicians like this really piss me off. Regular anti-establishment types who feed off of the establishment, from student loans to the tools of their trade.
    I know a lot of them who think that their skills are the product of their own godhood. Then they bitch and moan because the government doesn’t do enough, or the eeevil corporations who sell drugs and equipment ask for so much money for their products. I’d like to see what this guy could do for his patients if the evil corporations of this world didn’t exist. He’d be back to prescribing willow bark, calomel and snake oil, and cutting people’s limbs off with a hacksaw sans anesthetic. An MD is not a degree that reflects the inculcation of critical thinking, that’s for sure.

  2. Nightfly says:

    That’s GORE’S face? I thought it was Ted Nugent caving in a biosphere.

  3. Perhaps because you’re not as familiar with the GoreAlpha (/gah-RROOWWWLLLL/) Man Toy, as opposed to the GoreKen (/DWORK-in/) Doll one usually sees. A common mistake.

  4. Nightfly says:

    I think it’s the scales, it makes it look like he’s got a long ponytail. It does, however, give me a cheap excuse to quote his star turn in Futurama:
    “As I explain in my book, ‘Earth in the Balance’ – and my more popular follow-up, ‘Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth’ – global warming is caused by pollution. We need to work together against greenhouse gases, and dark wizards.”

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