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Sense a meme developing, anyone?

Gasoline Price Spike Has Temporary Offset

How much rising gasoline prices will pinch consumers has yet to be seen, but energy savings from the warm winter may have already helped consumers avoid some of the pain.

Deutsche Bank chief U.S. economist Joseph LaVorgna crunched the numbers and says consumers may have seen about a third of the recent rise in gasoline prices offset by cheaper natural gas and lower utilities costs this winter.

Global warming has SAVED YOU MONEY THIS WINTER, so what’s all the moaning and groaning about gas prices for, and STFU already, why doncha?!?!?!

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  1. aelfheld says:

    “Our standard rule of thumb is that a one-cent increase in gasoline prices increases household energy consumption by approximately $1.4 billion,” notes LaVorgna.

    I suggest they remove their thumb from its current location.

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