Finally They Just Come Right Out and Say It

You KNEW this was coming. It was just a question of who.

Dean: Republicans to Blame for Botched Obamacare Rollout

Howard Dean blamed both Republican lawmakers and governors for Obamacare’s woes since its online launch earlier this month. Dean complained that governors forced the Obama administration to implement a large federal exchange by refusing to create their own state-level exchanges.

UNfortunately for that argument, as Charles Cooke succinctly points out, the LAW said they WEREN’T REQUIRED TO

No One Sabotaged Obamacare
Obama still does not appear to have noticed that he’s the executive and accountable.

The temptation to cry “sabotage!” is a genuinely human one, born of the understandable desire to protect one’s worldview and to attribute blame to one’s enemies instead of oneself. Discredited socialists still grumble bitterly about the impurity of the unrealized Soviet Experiment; “false-flag” kooks remain convinced that 9/11 was an “inside job,” despite there being no evidence for this whatsoever; and some conservatives who have never come to terms with the fact that Barack Obama has twice won the American presidency are now more convinced than ever that he must have stolen the elections.

…Salon’s Irin Carmon complained sadly this week that “the federal exchanges [are] being burdened by so many more people than expected because for political reasons, a lot of governors refused to set up their own exchanges.” This line is not just askew, it is deeply presumptuous. While the idea that the system is failing because of excess demand has been widely debunked, Carmon is correct to note that a majority of governors declined to set up exchanges, and that they did so for “political reasons.” But, one might ask, “So what?” Texas is a state in a federal nation, and the law that the president signed allows the states to decide how to respond to what is, ultimately, a federal initiative.

To believe that the states have in some way “nullified” or “sabotaged” the law by choosing not to do the lifting themselves is to believe that the states are merely regional departments of the federal government and that their electing whether or not to expand Medicaid or set up health-care exchanges is illegitimate.

In this case, “political reasons” means doing what the people in their states wanted them to do. What next? That “if Americans had just chosen to sign up, then the system would have worked”?

Back to the drawing board for whines, Howard.

4 Responses to “Finally They Just Come Right Out and Say It”

  1. JeffS says:

    All of the lefties are whinging about ObamaCare’s epic faceplant. They are a bunch of incompetent, unrepentant communists who are causing Stalin to spin in his grave.

  2. Chancy girl says:

    Darn! Why didn’t I think of that? They could have divided the program up into multiple mini-programs and spent double or triple the money!

  3. Michael Lonie says:

    “some conservatives who have never come to terms with the fact that Barack Obama has twice won the American presidency are now more convinced than ever that he must have stolen the elections.”

    Except, of course, that there is growing evidence, with the IRS scandal (remember that?) and convictions of Dems for voting fraud (Doesn’t exist! Doesn’t exist!), that stealing it is what happened, at least to some degree.

    As for the Obamacare site’s problems, if Drudge can handle that volume of traffic and Amazon can handle that volume of traffice (with an interactive website), why not the Feddle gubmint? Answer: because the Obama Administration is the Acme of stupidity and incompetence.

    Paul Johnson, in his book “Modern Times,” commented that Mussolini thought that once he had given a speech about some problem, it was solved. Obama seems to believe the same thing.

  4. Greg Newsom says:

    I’ve heard handles 70 million transactions a day. This website, by the totally incompetent government,is worse than that set up by my local library.They should all be in prison…………

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