First In The Hearts Of His Countrymen…

Writes a letter to the self-ranked Fourth

Dear Mr. President:

Although it is two hundred years, and more, since I laid down the cares of an eventful temporal existence and took up residence in my long home, Our Gracious Lord has seen fit to bestow upon my spirit the gift of perpetual cognition, and He has granted the further boon of permitting me, for a few moments, to assume sufficient corporeality to pen this letter, which I place before Your Excellency as the cri de coeur of a patriot whose efforts on behalf of his country have been deemed by its citizens to possess no little significance.

I beseech thee to go henceforth and read the rest, as one must do in all things Paco.

2 Responses to “First In The Hearts Of His Countrymen…”

  1. Paco says:

    Thanks for the link, Squire!

  2. Ave says:

    “Bovine complacency” is the essential element.

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