Flamingo 2 1

That was a movie. THIS is a milagro!

The note says:

I escaped!!!
the torture is unbearable
Please pay the ransom
My friends are still suffering

Oh brave, brave Mr. Pink! Thanks to his intrepid heart and bold action, we now have the missing pieces to the puzzle. The call has gone out across the globe and anti-terrorist teams are boarding planes to answer it. Winging their way here to put a stop to this perversion, for once and all.
In the meantime, having received the finest medical care available, Mr. Pink is recuperating comfortably at home. Knocking back a little hootch, catching up on world events and watching Bill O’Reilly*.

*it’s too early in his recovery for me to rip the remote from his little webbed puddies.

9 Responses to “Flamingo 2 1”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hmm, you think he might be a manchurian flamingo though?
    Can you trust him?

  2. He does have a rather ghastly crimp in his neck where something might have been implanted. If it blows up Major Dad’s scotch, we’re all toast.

  3. Die, infidel flamingoes! says:

    Recognize your little friends, Infidel Pink?

  4. {GASP}
    You vicious BASTARD !!!
    How am I ever going to keep this away from him while he heals???
    And still has hope

  5. The Real JeffS says:

    I dunno, wouldn’t a flamingo prefer something more like a Spanish wine?

  6. A flamenco would.
    But this a classypinkbloodedbigbilledallAmerican longleggedwadingpatriotbird. So after an horrific, near death experience, the first thing you’d want is a glass of rioja ~ or sangria, HUH? Pffft.
    I’m putting away the bottle I had ready for when you get back.

  7. The Real JeffS says:

    Sorry about that, THS. I don’t know much about flamingos, they aren’t common in Washington state. Guess my ignerince really shows, huh?
    OTOH, there are a couple of flamingos in the cubicles down the hall — looks like they deployed with the unit. I’d take a photo, but that’s not allowed. All I can say is, they look suspiciously like they are related to your missing friends…..perhaps some of them mobilized under ultra super-secret orders from the President?

  8. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Flamingos are to 2005 like the NSA was to the 60’s ~ top secret, doesn’t exist, hush-hush, etc. Be careful what you write here, JeffS…big brother is watching. And don’t say anything to Bob Novak about your ‘friends’ ~ he’ll let it slip and then you’re toast.

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