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Hurricane Grants To Fortify Homes Almost Ready To Go
The thousands of homeowners eager for a shot at state money to help reinforce their homes against hurricanes may have to wait only a week longer.
…Called My Safe Florida Home, the $250 million program gives matching grants up to $5,000 toward the cost of fortifying homes against hurricanes. Homeowners first must request a home inspection, then wait for an inspector to visit and make a report on the home’s condition.

The program is new, and Takacs couldn’t say how long applicants might have to wait for an inspection or how long it might take for homeowners to get the grant.
The state has yet to announce the date residents may begin requesting an inspection. Takacs expects the state will be ready in about a week.
The grant would pay half the cost of up to $10,000 in improvements such as shutters, reinforcing garage doors or replacing shingles. Homeowners would pay the other half.
The program is aimed at homes built before building codes were toughened in the mid-1990s. Once an inspector completes a report detailing the improvements needed and the estimated cost, the homeowner can apply for the grant.
The state will be ready to accept grant applications Sept. 1, Takacs said.
Approved homeowners will select from a list of contractors sanctioned by the state. Only state-approved contractors may perform the work.
There are limitations.
Grants are for homes with an insured value of $500,000 or less and for homeowners only. You will have to provide the state proof of the insured value and homestead exemption.
…For information about the grant program, call 1-800-342-2762.
Some work covered: reinforce roof decking, add waterproof sealing to plywood roof deck joints, brace gable ends, upgrade shingles, replace garage door.

What a dynamite idea! Those matching grants now are a thousand times cheaper than the aftermath of a Charlie or Ivan.
Now if we could just get people to stockpile the minimum supplies…

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