For The Farterland!

Maybe he powered the Hindenburg

It may sound like a Woody Allen scenario, but medical historians are unanimous that Adolf was the victim of uncontrollable flatulence. Spasmodic stomach cramps, constipation and diarrhea, possibly the result of nervous tension, had been Hitler’s curse since childhood and only grew more severe as he aged. As a stressed-out dictator, the agonizing digestive attacks would occur after most meals: Albert Speer recalled that the Führer, ashen-faced, would leap up from the dinner table and disappear to his room.

(h/t to Insta…I think)

3 Responses to “For The Farterland!”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I detect a hidden sibling rivalry connected with this post.

  2. mockinbird says:

    Hitler had diarrhea, Marx had painful boils, and Lenin had syphlis. What is it with these dictators. Also, I wonder what Hillary Clinton’s got.

  3. ricki says:

    Hrm. Maybe we should check into Ameh-dinner-jackets medical records, and Chavez’. It could be a whole new branch of CIA covert ops: first, infiltrate the dictator’s medical records, and then either slip meds into their water (if you believe that the medical issue is causing the dictatorial behavior) or slip something that makes the problem worse into their food/water (if you wanted to simply incapacitate them).
    Would not be a good day for a dictator if it got out that he was, say, allergic to peanuts. A little Jif smeared on his doorknob…and it’s coup time, people.

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