For Those Swilling Voters In London

We highly recommend that this fellow gets your vote: Mad Cap’n Tom. We here at the Swilling have been big supporters of Speak Like A Pirate Day for years, and the Mad Cap’n, in addition to being a real pirate, runs the UK part of International Talk Like A Pirate Day. That, my friends, beats the dog snot out of “community organizing” for experience in my book.

Look at these other key policy stands:

-All rum t’be tax free.
Instead: a 50% levy on Cheryl Cole MP3s downloads.

I can’t bloody stand her music.

-All British schoolchildren t’be trained in swordsmanship an’ gunnery.

Half of ’em be knowin’ how t’use a knife already, this not be a stretch.

-Fix broken Britain.

A free roll o’ duct tape sent t’ all homes.

-Require Apple to rename the iPad in the UK.

New name: the iPatch.

Friends, as his site says

He has policies. He has experience.
He has a duck on his head.

The choice is clear.

Vote Mad Cap’n Tom.

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