Fossett’s Almost There!

This is just too cool. But can someone clue CNN in that Magellan didn’t circumnavigate the globe?
As anyone who listens to the Animaniacs knows:
Yakko: They sailed due west
To the Philippine Islands
Magellan was pleased
As the natives drew near
But then someone shouted
YW+D : I think they’re attacking!
Yakko: Magellan said…
Mglln: …What?
Yakko: And got hit by a spear

YW+D : Whoopie ti-yi-yo
Farewell, Magellan
You almost made it
It’s really not fair
Whoopie ti-yi-yo
Oh, ghost of Magellan
The East Indies islands
Were right over there.

3 Responses to “Fossett’s Almost There!”

  1. And woo HOO,, he made it! (Although I’d be happier if all these bored millionaires would send a little largesse my way, if they’re so desperate for something to blow bucks on.)

  2. Bill McCabe says:

    I just can’t care. Thousands of people have flown around the globe. Just because he’s done it in a slightly different way doesn’t herald any breakthroughs and isn’t worthy of significant historical appreciation.
    Not unless slow, single occupancy, flying gas tanks are about to become the transportation mode of choice.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Oh, I’d disagree Bill. I mean, first off it’s not like he’ll get the acclaim of a Lucky Lindy. Alone, non-stop and without refueling I think is a hell of a tri-fecta. By my reckoning his average speed was around 350 mph, which is faster than most private planes cruise at. I would imagine that some to many of the advances in technology that went into this plane will have commercial applications in the near future.
    But to me the best thing about this, which I’m sure you will agree with, is that it pushed Michael Jackson off the front page for at least 20 minutes, and for that alone we should offer him our thanks.

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