Friday Night’s Alright For Moinking

That’s how the song went, right?

Looking lurvly right off the grill

and then plated up with a variety of sauces and some schtupendous fresh dill/plain yogurt red spud salad, well, quite yummers for a Friday Eve.

Covers all the Food Groups I care about.

6 Responses to “Friday Night’s Alright For Moinking”

  1. leelu says:

    What’s the bacon holding together? It does look yummy!!

  2. leelu says:

    …btw, have you considered doing a cook book??

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Leelu, it’s a mini-meatloaf consisting of about a lb of ground beef, 1 cup of seasoned bread crumbs, 2 eggs and a tablespoon of berbere spice all mixed up and formed into little balls, wrapped in half a strip of bacon than grilled over indirect heat until properly encrispified.

  4. leelu says:

    Sounds interesting – tho I’m not familiar with the spice. I shall investigate.


  5. Ave says:

    Delicious and I’m going to make some!

  6. Fausta says:

    I still remember those from one of the Blingleyfeasts! YUM!!

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