Friends Who Ended Up In The Filter

Svetlana Bourgeois (a hard working russina bride)
Impinge A. Tillage
Crime M. Tighten
Pretense U. Dazzling
Lupe Q. Steamiest (that latin hottie)
Homophobic H. Divan (what about the couch instead?)
Intrusted V. Beamed (Mr. Scott…)
Irksome E. Scarfs (just wear a hat then)
Bilking V. Unfrocked (another embezzling priest?)
Succored R. Analgesia (it works!)
Mandates S. Stripper (well, if you insists…)
Quenching F. Neighing (Willlllbur…)
Update: Yuck…
“Dysentery P. Ashtray”

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