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It was a routine patrol, in the third week of June — if, in fact, there is such a thing as a routine patrol in Fallujah, in the Anbar Province of Iraq.
Chris Walsh, a Navy medic assigned to a US Marines weapons company, was riding in a Humvee with three Marines, when a hidden bomb exploded in the dirt road just in front of them.
Even before the thick dust had settled, the Marines, and Walsh, were out of the vehicle, looking for the insurgents who had planted the remote-control device. The triggerman, as several who joined the pursuit vividly recall, was spotted first on a rooftop, then on the ground making his escape through the maze of ramshackle houses that line the road.
When Walsh and the Marines came to one doorway, M-4 rifles up and ready, a woman emerged from a room, holding an infant and saying, over and over again, “Baby. Baby sick.”
Walsh put his gun down and the woman put the baby down.
Walsh had seen bad things — as an EMT back home in St. Louis, and at war. But he told his comrades he had never seen anything like this: The child, just a few months old, looked as though her insides had been turned inside out.
Her name was Mariam, and she looked up at Walsh with dead eyes.

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Mariam’s grandparents, who traveled with her because her mother has not recovered from complications at childbirth, told Maureen Walsh they had learned of Chris’ death last month, when Captain Donovan visited them at the hospital.
Mariam’s grandfather took Maureen Walsh’s hand in his and, speaking in Arabic, said, “Thank you for your son.”
Mariam’s family does not believe it was coincidence that Chris Walsh was the one who came into their house in hot pursuit of someone who had tried to kill him and instead put down his gun and picked up Mariam.
“This,” her grandfather said, nodding solemnly, “was an act of God. God sent Chris. To Mariam. So she will live.”

“Saving Baby Miriam“ is a story of promises kept.
Thank you for your son“, indeed. We all thank you, Mrs. Walsh.

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