From “The Hill”, a Little Bit of Projection

…thrown in at the end of the article.

…Republicans also say that while Romney and Ryan haven’t necessarily been as visible in recent days, they have been working hard behind the scenes to shore up support with donors and political allies who became skittish after recent missteps. At a closed-door conference meeting Thursday with the House Republican caucus, Ryan urged his colleagues to rally behind the campaign.

“This is going to be an up and down race,” Ryan said, according to a Republican aide in the room. “Three polls came out that have us within one point. They are going to [try to] distract us.”

That handholding — coupled with loyalty on Capitol Hill to Ryan, who is seen as by legislators as “one of their own” — has prevented the type of defections one would normally expect with a struggling presidential campaign, strategists say. And by smoothing the waters, the ticket should be more free in the coming weeks to focus solely on meeting voters.

You would think Romney was 10 or 20 points down, the way they’re constantly spinning this for those I assume to be undecided or waffling in the audience.

They oughta sit in the shop an afternoon with me and Don some day, listening to customers.

We know EXACTLY how the campaign’s going.

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