Funny, I Thought This Was The Point Of Airstrikes

CNN has this big banner headline Five killed in Israeli attack in south Beirut.

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) — An Israeli strike hit a south Beirut street on the edge of the city’s mostly Christian eastern district Monday evening, killing five people and wounding 24, security sources said.
The strike hit a building near a mosque in the upscale southern suburb of Shiyah, officials with the security forces told CNN.

What the hell are the airstrikes supposed to do, deliver flowers? And, frankly, hit the damned mosque if the bastards are hiding in it.
Oh, and, PS:

The strike came shortly after Israel warned residents south of Lebanon’s Litani River to stay off roads after 10 p.m., Israeli military sources said.
The warning came in a message broadcast through the media, sources said.

And Hezbollucks has warned how many civilians to leave before they attacked?
Damn Joosss, putting civilians in harm’s way by telling them to, er, leave areas where terrorists are.

4 Responses to “Funny, I Thought This Was The Point Of Airstrikes”

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    It’s funny how a bunch of guys with guns hiding behind a building firing rockets can suddenly turn into “civilian casualties” when the counter-strike comes for them…

  2. Kathy K says:

    That’s what has been bugging me for quite some time, DirtCrashr. Terrorists are, by definition, civilians. They are not military or police. They are not (with some hizballah exceptions) members of government.
    So, yeah, until we change the definition of civilians (ci·vil·ian n. A person following the pursuits of civil life, especially one who is not an active member of the military or police.), terrorists ARE civilians.
    And the MSM declines to tell us (assuming they have any idea) how many of the ‘civilian’ casualties are also terrorists. Unless they blew themselves up – in which case the MSM flips a coin (as far as I can tell) about whether to include them in the death count or not.

  3. in which case the MSM flips a coin (as far as I can tell) about whether to include them in the death count or not.
    I’m thinking it’s whether the civilian clothes they’re wearing are designer threads or not.
    “designer duds/good shoes” = Hezbollah
    “Fake Levis/3 legged horse symbol Polo/WalMart working class madres shirt with breast pocket/sandals” = poor Lebanese civilian/peach farmer

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    And Reuters is full of civillians staging photos with stuffed animals, pictures of pictures, The Actress, and quite possibly a mortician who drives around providing body-shots…

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