General Amos Will Assuredly Have His Knickers in a Wad

…now that his pissanty retaliatory strike at the Marine Corps Times has blown up spectacularly…and made Gawker to boot.

Marine Corps Commandant Got So Mad at Newspaper, He Tried to Ban It

Last year, the Marine Corps Times reported that the Department of Defense was investigating Marine Corps Commandant General Jim Amos and four of his aides for allegedly manipulating the military’s legal system and promotion process. Amos couldn’t stop the independently-owned Times from doing its job, so he tried the next best thing: Completely banning its sale from all Marine Corps bases.

According to emails obtained by the Marine Corps Times, the Marine Corps’ deputy director of public affairs sought advice from several other Defense officials, apparently at the behest of Amos, on how to address the Times’ reporting at the time. The director, Chris Hughes, wrote in one email:

Every couple of years, we have a falling out with Marine Corps Times that warrants consideration of some level of ‘ban’ from our facilities. We believe that we may be close to such an impasse, and we want to present the Commandant with options. We believe it becomes a ‘good order and discipline’ issue if CMC believes he is being misrepresented by them. On such grounds, could he prohibit their sale in our [Marine Corps Community Services] facilities?

Or, could he place them somewhere less prominent?

I’LL tell you what’s “prominent”, pal ~ your boss’s mug looking like a FOOL on the front of this article.

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