Get Me To the Church On Time

In one piece would also be loverly.

Snipers lurking on buildings and in a cemetery sprayed bullets into Shiite Muslim religious processions in the capital Sunday, killing at least 20 people in another spasm of sectarian bloodletting that many Iraqis fear is pushing them toward civil war.

I just don’t get the Religion of Pieces. Shooting parishioners walking to mosque like fish in the proverbial ‘wrong prophet’ barrel on one of their bigger holy days is something you do? That’s okay with whatever your version of the Koran says and whatever spaceship whatever prophet you bow to arrives on? I mean, really? That’s OKAY? And that same prophet in his spaceship calls the U.S. ‘Satan’? And I should feel bad for whatever it is we’ve done to try to move you, your prophet, his spaceship and all your religious, murdering buddies out of 700 A.D.? Must be cultural. None of that sh*t is okay in anything we have here, whether it’s King James, Roman Catholic, Telmudic, Pastafarian or Wiccan tree scrolls. Granted it’s boring, but at least we get where we’re going.

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