Get the Signal, Kenneth?

“We’re boned”, I think it keeps repeating.

President Peace Prize wants to tap your cell phone bill for funds for his little give-aways (as if it weren’t already hefty enough).

We Can’t Wait … To Nominate Another Lobbyist

John McCain can’t see or won’t acknowledge what’s obvious to all of us here today — that lobbyists aren’t just part of the system in Washington, they’re part of the problem.
— Then-Sen. Barack Obama campaigning in Montana, May 19, 2008.

President Obama wants to place a new tax on your monthly cell phone bill to pay for his plan to put WiFi in more classrooms. And all he needs to do it is one more lobbyist in his administration.

Getting American consumers to cough up the billions needed for Obama’s “ConnectEd” initiative doesn’t depend on Congress or anything so tedious as winning bipartisan support. The president’s initiative instead rests squarely on his ability to push through the nomination of Tom Wheeler, a telecommunications lobbyist and Obama campaign bundler, to head the Federal Communications Commission.

The tax would seem a certainty, then, because Senate Democrats succeeded last month in cowing their Republican colleagues into abandoning the use of the filibuster on presidential nominations. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid succeeded in his “nuclear option” gambit and now even a lobbyist riding point on a new tax would seem to be a shoo-in for confirmation.

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