Get Them On Record Supporting The Pork

Via LawHawk, here’s a very encouraging sign that Gov-Elect Christie is going to get serious about cutting spending and forcing the Legislature to “own” the pork

TRENTON — Gov.-elect Chris Christie and his transition aides are compiling plans to slash New Jersey state spending and state programs by as much as 25 percent in response to the continuous flow of dim financial news from the New Jersey Treasury Department, according to an internal document obtained by The Star-Ledger.

Even before he takes office next month, his team is looking for programs that can be eliminated entirely and calling on state administrators to find untapped federal funds to cover whatever they possibly can.

…”In light of the state’s fiscal circumstances, all agencies are asked to submit reduction plans equal to 15 percent, 20 percent and 25 percent below their” budget projections for fiscal 2011, according to the memo. The cuts cannot include the recent rounds of reductions enacted by Corzine, but must, instead, be made on top of them — and must include at least a five percent cut in spending on direct state services. “Across the board reductions are not to be submitted; instead consideration should be given to the elimination of ineffective programs or the consolidation of duplicative programs.”

The Legislature will squeal like spoiled children but I think that when they realize the cranky mood the populace is in they will be very reticent to stand in the way of too many cuts. If Christie keeps his nerve he has a very good opportunity to make some long-term cuts in State spending and get a substantial shift in the composition of the Legislature. There is an insane amount of waste that can and must be cut.

Cut the spending, cut the nanny state regulations.

Aggressively combat every idiotic new proposal that comes out of Legislature committees (like the latest one requiring NJ restaurants to list calories on their menus) by exposing their true cost in terms of added bureaucratic layers and business time for compliance so that the people can see the straight jacket that is being wrapped around us.

We won’t have many more chances to regain control and rein in the Government.

5 Responses to “Get Them On Record Supporting The Pork”

  1. Yojimbo says:

    “We won’t have many more chances to regain control and rein in the Government.” Wish I could say your wrong about that but I very much fear you’re spot on.

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    Big Problems:

    1. Note the word “ask.” It doesn’t mean “demand” and ergo the bureacracy can ignore Christie just as it has ignored every other governor who made the same request. Prediction: There will be no significant cuts.

    2. Christie had no coattails. Only ONE seat changed parties in November so the Dems still have control, and they’re not gonna let some fat (their word) Republican roll over them. Prediction: No spending cuts.

    3. Eliminate waste and useless programs? Hah. Some special interest group/groups benefit, and you know who they vote for. See No. 2.

    4. Cut Regulations and you cut gummint jobs. That’s a big vote bloc and a major cash cow for the political mafia familes that control the Legislature. Regulation = revenue = taxes = special interests = campaign contributions = votes = you’re screwed.

    I doubt Christie has the political mileage or staying power, but I can still hope. Right?

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Well, he can’t demand bubkis until he’s sworn in. I would love to see actual substantive cuts made, and I hope he’ll try, but if he can force the legislature to have to defend all this spending then *hopefully* folks will remember who decided to keep bankrupting us come next election time. Yes, it’s a fantasy on my part but, gosh, can’t a feller have a dream at Christmas?

  4. Yojimbo says:

    Well, at the very least he will force Democrats to go on record and have to defend why they won’t go along with cuts. Republicans can then hold their voting records up to the people in the next election cycle. This will be a long process, we just have to gain some momentum and traction.

    The new Bingley campaign slogans:
    Demand Change!
    Make Bingley’s dreams come true!

  5. Gary from Jersey says:

    Bingley for governor! I personally will set up a Palestinian phone bank to wash cash for the campaign. I will rent houses and stock them with unemployed Ohioans to vote for him. I will stand at welfare offices, handing cash to anyone who gets on the bus to vote for him.

    Yes! Dmocracy in action!

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