“Get Yer Paws…”

“…offa my property.” And the Ohio Supreme Court agreed.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Wednesday that a Cincinnati suburb cannot take private property by eminent domain for a $125 million project of offices, shops and restaurants.
The case was the first challenge of property rights laws to reach a state high court since the U.S. Supreme Court last summer allowed municipalities to seize homes for use by a private developer.
The case involves the city of Norwood, which used its power of eminent domain to seize properties holding out against private development in an area considered to be deteriorating.
The court found that economic development isn’t a sufficient reason under the state constitution to justify taking homes.

Let’s keep clarifying those state constitutions and local laws, folks. It’s the only way to beat these people ~ they either legislate to protect private property or vote them out and elect someone who will.

4 Responses to ““Get Yer Paws…””

  1. Ret. Lawyer says:

    Great for the Ohio Supreme Court. We need to get laws enacted in each state to prevent this use of eminent domain.

  2. Nightfly says:

    That’s two cheerful posts in a row! Such a happy day today…

  3. Kcruella says:

    Can the Ohio Supreme Court please move to New Jersey? They’re snagging property all over here.

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