Get Your Gas Now

And use it in the most expeditious, conservative fashion possible. News has been showing lines in Atlanta (UPDATE: One station $5.57/gal)and fisticuffs in northern Mississippi. All in the face of almost $1 jump in gallon prices since this morning. Here in Pensacola, we’ve been a Third World country since Ivan, but it doesn’t make it any easier to bear. Took Ebola 1 1/2 hours today to top off. He was going to be late for a sales appointment an hour away because of it, so he was planning on asking the clients if, once he got there, he could get gas to get home.
Also, purchase any public transportation passes you might use in your commute. You can bet those prices will be skyrocketing.

One Response to “Get Your Gas Now

  1. Bill McCabe says:

    I saw one expert saying that the guy charging $5.57 doesn’t want any customers, he’s holding on to the gas by pricing himself out of the market. Basically saving it for himself.

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