Getting Ahead of the Apology Pack

a little prematurely, I’m thinking.

Dutch Return Severed Head of African Chief to Descendants

The descendants of an African chief who was hanged and decapitated by a Dutch general 171 years ago reluctantly accepted the return of his severed head Thursday, still angry even as the Dutch tried to right a historic wrong.

…But descendants of the chief said they were not consoled.

“I am hurt, angry. My grandfather has been killed,” said Joseph Jones Amoah, the great, great grandson of the chief.

WAS killed, son. “WAS“. A hunnert and seventyone years ago.

Not killed yesterday. Or killed last week. And ~ Dutch groveling aside (“Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen used the ceremony to apologize for Dutch involvement in the slave trade.“) ~ NOT killed without a certain amount of provocation…

…The head was taken by Maj. Gen. Jan Verveer in 1838 in retaliation for Bonsu’s killing of two Dutch emissaries, whose heads were displayed as trophies on Bonsu’s throne, said Arthur Japin, a Dutch author who discovered the king’s head when he was working on a historical novel.

I hope their families are demanding a similar courtesy.

Never ones to waste a good almost two centuries old crisis, the Ghanian graduates of the Rahm Emanuel School of Gimme swung into feigned outrage action.

The elders demanded the Dutch government provide aid to their tribe to appease the slain chief.

Nana Kwekwe Darko III, who tipped the gin on the floor in a Ghanaian tradition of respect for the dead, dabbed tears from his eyes afterward and said he wanted the Dutch to build schools and hospitals for his people.

See what alcohol does to a simple head returning ceremony? People get all maudlin and start talking crazy talk.

I’ll bet the Precedent’s ordered lackies to check out the Smithsonian basement right this second. It’ll be interesting to see if he can get a leg up on the Dutch.

11 Responses to “Getting Ahead of the Apology Pack”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    “and said he wanted the Dutch to build schools and hospitals for his people.”

    Give them two dozen large dome tents and tell them take it or leave it.

  2. Skyler says:

    I’ve been to Ghana, last summer with the USMC. The people were nice enough, and it appears to be better than most equatorial African countries, but there’s not a single reason I would go back there willingly. A good portion of the country still lives exactly like they would have lived a 100,000 years ago. They are pathetic. Nice enough, but pathetic.

    When we first started burning our trash, they would run barefooted into the fire to pull out empty water bottles because they were like gold to them.

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    But nothing to lose your head over, right Skyler?

  4. JeffS says:

    It’s pretty clear that the descendants of that African chief were trying to get a head.

  5. Steve Skubinna says:

    Oh man, I bet Obama is pissed! How is he going to top this one? What are those damned Dutch trying to do, destroy his Presidency?

  6. Isn’t everyone, Steve?

    As for your first question, check my last sentence…{8^P

  7. nightfly says:

    Alas, poor Yorick!

  8. Steve Skubinna says:

    When you say “get a leg up,” do you really mean he’d like to give them a hand? I’m all ears…

  9. Perhaps, Steve. But you’ve gotta be careful with this guy Obama ~ give him a foot, he takes a mile…

  10. nightfly says:

    Give him a foot, he puts it in his mouth… if Biden doesn’t wander over to it first.

  11. greg newson says:

    And,after all,what is a lie?’Tis
    but the truth in masquerade.’

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