“God Has a Hard-On For Marines, Because We Kill Everything We See”

Especially if we see you rummaging through the place when we get home from an evening out.

And especially if you use our own shotgun to threaten our lives. Bad form, that.

Prosecutors announced Friday they will not press charges against two Camp Lejeune Marines and a civilian who fought for their lives and killed two local men who were burglarizing their Jacksonville home earlier this month.

…After entering the house, the Marine resident noticed his dogs acting strange and found the sliding glass doors leading to his backyard damaged with a pry mark on the frame and a broken latch on the doors.

Skinner came out of the bedroom area of the house carrying the Marine resident’s Mossberg Model 88 12-gauge shotgun, which had been under the Marine resident’s bed. Skinner shined a light in the Marine resident’s face and then struck him in the face with the butt of the shotgun.

Skinner ordered the Marine resident to get on the floor. Everette came out of one of the bedrooms and ordered the civilian roommate and Marine friend, who were coming down the hall, to also get on the floor.

Skinner demanded all of their cell phones and wallets. Everette took their wallets, but all three had set down their cell phones when they entered the house.

Skinner and Everette then told the three men they were going to kill them. Skinner placed the shotgun to their heads and told them he was going to shoot them. Skinner demanded duct tape and rope.

“Once the Marine resident realized that these men were going to tie them up, the Marine resident believed that he and his friends were going to be killed,” Lee said.
Skinner, who had four children, and Everett, who was the father of five, asked the Marines whether they had children. Skinner said he would not shoot anyone with children, but would shoot the ones who didn’t.

“The Marine resident saw Skinner look away momentarily and realized this was his chance to act,” Lee said. “The Marine resident grabbed for the shotgun. He and Skinner started struggling for it.”

The fight ended up in one of the bedrooms. Skinner called for help, and Everette came into the room and hit the Marine resident several times in the head and ear with a crowbar.
The Marine resident momentarily blacked out, came to and called for help. The Marine friend entered the bedroom and Everette attacked him with the crowbar. The Marine resident and Skinner were struggling on the floor.

“Skinner said, ‘You are going to die now’ and squeezed the trigger of the shotgun repeatedly,” Lee said. “The gun did not fire. Apparently, Skinner did not realize that while the Marine resident kept the shotgun loaded, he did not keep it ‘pumped’ and chambered.”

The Marine resident was able wrestle the shotgun from Skinner’s grip. Skinner came at the Marine resident, who was on the floor, and the Marine resident shot Skinner twice in the torso.
The civilian roommate entered the room. The Marine resident shoved him out of the way and ran to the other side of the bed where his Marine friend and Everette were still struggling.

The Marine resident shot Everette in the buttocks with the slug exiting his stomach area. Everette turned around and, believing the intruder to still be a threat, the Marine resident shot him in the right armpit area.

Everette crawled toward an object beneath the bed. The Marine friend broke a wine bottle over Everette’s head and Everette stopped moving. Police found a flashlight under the bed.

So the mug-shots-available-due-to-prior-prison-terms ‘decedents’ (as the paper puts it) have NINE now fatherless children between them and, of course, their families do not believe a word of any of the chain of events. The Onslow County DA, to his credit, basically told them to suck it up. I’m not sure if Al and Jesse will find this compelling enough to make an appearence to protest (Or have I not mentioned ethnicity? My racist credentials are sorely lacking.). I’m pretty sure the fine folks of Onslow were already footing the bill for the children anyway. Call it a hunch.

Richard MacEnroe’s retweet was where I first heard of the incident: a link to this board, with a bare bones account.

The comments are priceless.

5 Responses to ““God Has a Hard-On For Marines, Because We Kill Everything We See””

  1. leelu says:

    THS: yeah, your racist cred *is* dwindling.

    I notice the article referred to Everette being shot in the butt, and “the slug” exiting from his “stomach area” (abdomen, I guess?).

    Slug? Whoa. I’m surprised he could move at all after that.

  2. JeffS says:

    Apparently, Skinner did not realize that while the Marine resident kept the shotgun loaded, he did not keep it ‘pumped’ and chambered.

    Skinner learned the hard way to never trust a weapon you didn’t load yourself.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Semper Fi indeed.

    Thank god the good guys are ok.

  4. Ave says:

    It’s great to see the good guys win. God bless them.

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