Good Mornin’

Mr. Sunshine.

…It’s one thing to arrive an hour late for church on the first day of daylight saving. It’s another for a security system to log the wrong time of crucial events, for pilots to misunderstand their takeoff times or international communications components to stop synchronizing. But such scenarios are possible without the fix to vast numbers of the nation’s technical systems .
As IBM notes on its Web site: “Any time-sensitive functions could be impacted by this change. . . . It is important for users to assess their environments and develop appropriate plans for applying the necessary changes.”
…”After building bunkers in the desert for Y2K, we’re not even talking about this, and it’s happening in less than two months,” said Matthew Kozak, an information technology specialist at Rutgers University who monitors numerous sites and discussion groups.
Even in the banking industry, where ATMs time-stamp every customer transaction, awareness of the March 11 change is limited.
“I haven’t heard about it,” said Barry Koling, spokesman for Atlanta-based SunTrust Banks. “It seems to me, we managed to get through Y2K. If we can accomplish the change of the millennium, we can handle a change in daylight saving time.”

‘Spring forward’ will be sprung March 11 this year, vice the time honored April date.
I hadn’t heard.
I’m hoping my computer, cell phone, cable, credit union, et al…has.

One Response to “Good Mornin’”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Daylight Savings Time has got to be one of the most worthless ideas ever produced by Humanity. It is right down there with communism and microwaveable milkshakes.

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