Gordon Brown Is No Maggie Thatcher

And don’t you think for a moment that the Argentines don’t know it

Argentina has warned Britain it ‘shouldn’t be complacent’ and that it would defend its sovereignty in the territorial dispute off the Falkland Islands.

However, Buenos Aires insisted it did did not mean a repeat of the 1982 Falklands War.

The South American country has said it will take its dispute over plans by UK firms to explore oil off the islands to the United Nations. It has announced new controls on ships heading to the islands as a result of the plans to drill for oil.

I don’t see the will or frankly the ability of Gordon Brown to do anything if the Argentines want to try again to take the Falklands.

(hat tip to Ace)

One Response to “Gordon Brown Is No Maggie Thatcher”

  1. Kids Shower Curtains says:

    Gordon needs to step down, before things get any worse for him. There must be someone in Labour who can step up and do a better job than he is?

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