Great Moments In Progressive Timing

Whilst we were out in Indiana we had some time to kill before the wedding, so we wandered up to the local megalopolis of Decatur. Like many of the towns we drove through out there the downtown was, for lack of a better term, faded. So many empty storefronts and buildings that attested to a prosperous past and a sadly desolate present surrounded us, and glimpses of lost civic pride were everywhere. One that particularly jumped out at us was the “Peace Monument” in Decatur:


Constructed of locally quarried limestone, it was built to honor the local men and women who had served in various wars and more importantly as an expression of the shared fervent wish that the world was finally embarking on an era of peace and understanding amongst the nations.

When it was dedicated on October 30th, 1913, Archduke Ferdinand had eight months to live.

3 Responses to “Great Moments In Progressive Timing”

  1. NJSue says:

    On the other side of the courthouse, there is a small marble slab with a short inscription “to honor veterans of WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and all other wars.” I guess the town fathers wore themselves out with the first monument.

    I also find it interesting that Columbia (the figure in the 1913 memorial) has largely disappeared from American iconography. Whatever happened to her? She was like an American version of Marianne.

  2. Julie says:

    Sad to think that WWI was called “The War To End All Wars”. Not even close…

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