Tony Blair has welcomed the release by Iran of 15 British sailors and marines taken captive 13 days ago. The Iranian president had said it was a “gift” to Britain.

Home by tomorrow it says.
UPDATE: The Times U.K. is doing some musing over who put their foot down to end this thing and they’re betting it was Khamenei.

…The only possible explanation is that the release was ordered by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme leader, who has so far not spoken publicly about the 13-day crisis.
Behind the scenes it is assumed that a fierce struggle has been taking place in Tehran between hardliners and pragmatists.
The extremists wanted to put the British on trial or at least hold them as a bargaining chip for the release of five Iranian officials arrested by US forces in Iraq in January who are still in custody.
The more moderate elements advised the opposite. Iran is already reeling from sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council and in all likelihood faces further measures this year if it is does not halt its controversial nuclear programme.

The day’s bit of hilarity is provided in the comments by (I’m supposing) a proud Venezuelan citizen. Or maybe a HuffPo/Kos flying monkey masquerading as one.

Your vision of Iran is skewed. You need Iran, they don’t need you. Iran’s oil gushing out of the ground is worth over 100 billion $ annually. Further, they make everything else they need and have surplus agriculture. Your farsical sanction against Iran has been in place for 30 years and has achieved null except negative return for yourself and that is why you are screaming. It is britain that can freeze to death if it didn’t import oil and did not commit aggression to rub the people of Iraq from theirs.
glead, barqisimeto, Venezuela

Some people will do anything for a good ‘rub’.

6 Responses to “GREAT!”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    “The Iranian president had said it was a “gift” to Britain.”
    Well isn’t that sooooooo big of him? I’d like to give him a gift in return. Something in the two to five megaton range.

  2. nobrainer says:

    Iran makes everything they need for themselves… except gasoline.

  3. I’m now convinced that speaking softly and carrying a small stick is the way to go – it will be good to have the “15 victims of a misunderstanding” home where they belong.
    Happy B-day Mo! PBUH

  4. Mike Rentner says:

    I heard speculation that these people are going to be welcomed home as heroes.
    We have such strange definitions of heroism nowadays. I find it hard to call someone a hero for having something done to you, rather than from taking positive action.
    I especially find it hard to call someone a hero that participated in propaganda statements for their captors without being tortured.
    I would rather see them prosecuted than welcomed as heroes. Unless there is some form of torture that was used that made them smile and be so friendly and free of bruises or broken bones.

  5. NJ Sue says:

    Judging from the comments on the BBC “Have Your Say,” a lot of Britons are embarrassed by the way these sailors acted.

  6. Apropos the ‘comment’ from the alleged Venezuelan.
    I reckon the “FARSIcal” bit was the giveaway word, unless I am reading things where they aren’t!

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