Green Tax

Here’s a shock: The wise and all-knowing lefty UK Ministers have decided that the best way to fight perceived climate change is via a tax

HARD-WORKING families face crippling new bills as the Government fights global warming with a raft of stinging taxes.
But critics accused ministers of forcing the public to pay for their failure to react earlier to the crisis.
Shadow Environment Secretary Peter Ainsworth said last night: “We don’t need a programme of green taxes: We need a green programme, full stop.
“This is just a list of taxes when what we need is a system of mutually reinforcing carrots and sticks.”
He was speaking after it was revealed that Environment Secretary David Miliband had already drawn up sweeping green tax plans which he has put to Gordon Brown.
He wrote to the Chancellor: “As our understanding of climate change increases, it is clear more needs to be done.”

Funny, it seems to me that as our understanding grows the less we actually understand about the globe’s weather.
I especially liked this bit:

The green proposals are revealed as leaked documents show people living in crime-free areas are to be penalised with a giant hike in council tax.

That’s equality in action, friends: if the thugs don’t steal from you then the government has to, or you’re deprived of your constitutional right to be pillaged.
Oh, and prepare for massive snowstorms in the UK:

Mr Brown has recruited ex-US vice-president Al Gore as his green guru. He will advise the Chancellor on international environmental issues.

You can’t say you haven’t been warned, Mr. Brown.

2 Responses to “Green Tax”

  1. nobrainer says:

    In 30 years I expect that I’ll be laughing at “Global Warming” like we all laugh at Disco now.
    Or I’ll be enjoying my new oceanfront property.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    30 years ago we were laughing at Global Cooling.
    The Rivanna may rival the St. Laurence Seaway if it warms up enough, nobrainer.

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