Guys Like My Buddy Qiu…

Give online gaming a bad name:

Shanghai Number 2 Intermediate People’s Court gave online gamer Qiu Chengwei the death sentence with a two-year reprieve after he slew another player, Zhu Caoyuan, last October, according to a report published Wednesday in the official newspaper China Daily.

The pair had argued over ownership of a virtual sword that Qiu and another player had won in the online game “Legend of Mir III.” Qiu loaned the item to Zhu, but Zhu then sold it for 7,200 renminbi (around US$870). When Qiu tried to involve the police in recovering the item or the money, he was told that such virtual items are not protected by Chinese property laws. After Zhu refused to return the item or pay compensation, Qiu went to his home and stabbed him in the heart, according to the report.

The lesson here is that you should not loan out virtual items.
I think.
Or get a friggin’ life.
*Update: I would have offered Zhu some of my Nigerian Oil/Diamond/Gold Winnings to help pay off his debt to Qiu…

2 Responses to “Guys Like My Buddy Qiu…”

  1. Or get a friggin’ life.
    Pretty nervy diss for someone with the well developed set of ‘console thumbs’ you have…

  2. Bill McCabe says:

    I won the European Lottery, I’ll chip in.

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