Keep those poor poor people in your prayers. I was in Haiti in, oh, 1979 or so I guess it was, and the construction I saw then is still pretty much what it is (was) now: basically stacked cinder blocks and concrete, completely un-reinforced and completely unable to survive any type of sideways motion.

UPDATE: Here’s the link for Catholic Relief Services. Please give what you can.

UPDATE the Second: Here are some other places you can help, via Gregor.

UPDATE the Third: Here’s World Vision.

12 Responses to “Haiti”

  1. gregor says:

    I have a vested interest in that country through a dear friend. He has built a hospital there, several schools and an agricultural learning foundation, I hope they survived.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Our church does a lot of work down there as well, gregor. I hope your friend’s work has not been destroyed.

  3. BillN says:

    Do either of you guys know a good place to donate to help out? I don’t have much spare cash these days and don’t want 80% to be wasted like it would be with red cross.

  4. NJ Sue says:

    This sounds extreme, but I really think the US should just send troops immediately for a temporary humanitarian occupation of Port-au-Prince, or the death toll will be just horrific. The entire UN staff was killed when their building collapsed, according to the most recent Telegraph (UK) headline. We should send ships with abilities to produce a supply of fresh water, cutting equipment and bulldozers, etc. We’re the only ones with the power to do anything in a timely fashion, even if the “international community” bitches. They’ll complain anyway.

  5. NJ Sue says:

    BillN: World Vision. Catholic Relief Charities (very active in Haiti, apparently).

  6. tree hugging sister says:

    Catholic Relief: excellent, Sister Sue.

    As I told Dave this morning, I wish we could clean up all their self-induced troubles with the rubble removal.

  7. tree hugging sister says:

    A friend put up a link to the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Miami, who have a relief link up. They do lots of Haiten intervention/charity work already.

  8. BillN says:

    Thanks NJ Sue and THS.

  9. gregor says:

    I hope Bing doesn’t mind me saying this, but I have two links on my blog right now, one of which is a foundation for Haiti run by my friend. Anything will help.

  10. major dad says:

    NJ Sue, not a whole lot of troops available right now for that mission. Even the Navy ships that could respond don’t have the fresh water capabilities these poor people need.

  11. Mr. Bingley says:

    Major dad, it looks like the Carl Vinson will be there tomorrow, which is great news.

  12. Mr. Bingley says:

    iirc the Navy carriers have got quite a lot of excess desalinization capability and electrical production when they are anchored; wasn’t it one of our carriers that kept Sri Lanka going after the tsunami?

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