Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

From your earliest moments you’ve always been there to help at mealtime

your drive and energy are always an inspiration

your focus a a pleasure to behold

your fame is justly renowned throughout the land

we love you dear Claude

17 Responses to “Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!”

  1. Cousin BooBoo, Cousin Ozzie, Cousin Beauregarde and Cousin Mort says:

    May the kitchen floor always be covered with good stuff!

    Happy Birthday, Cousin Claude!! We Love you!!!

  2. gregor says:

    Happy Birthday, Claude!

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Claude loves when Uncle Gregor stops by! He always brings nice treats!

  4. Gary from Jersey says:

    That’s a spotted owl in the first picture? If so, Claude deserves all the Dingo bones he wants.

  5. JeffS says:

    Happy Birthday, Claude!

  6. Chancy girl says:

    Ah Claude, you were special from the day you were born. Happy birthday & many more.

  7. Mockingbird says:

    I don’t even know Claude, but Happy Birthday!
    Say, is Claude sporting a sterling goatee?

  8. NJ Sue says:

    Claude’s new nickname is “the silver fox.” He’s a very distinguished handsome older gentleman.

  9. Fausta says:

    Go, Claude, go!
    Happy birthday!
    Good boy!

  10. Dr Alice says:

    Happy, happy birthday Claude! Stay gorgeous!

  11. nightfly says:


    @Fausta – I *do* like your party hat!

  12. Kate P says:

    Happy birthday to the Labradorkable Claude!

  13. Julie says:

    Happy Birthdog, Claude! 🙂

  14. Bill N says:

    Happy Birthday Claude and many more.

  15. Mori says:

    Happy Birthday Claude! You will be most handsome at any age. I do hope you got a well deserved prime rib b-day cake.

  16. Ave says:

    Happy Birthday precious Dogphew!!

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