Happy Earthday, Swillers!

Please recycle a bottle or hug a tree. And why should you celebrate with Sod Off Swampy t’s and mugs, proudly printed in Pensacola? Exhibit A: a note I wrote to Cafepress last night.

this sort of crap
is exactly why we didn’t use your service when we designed our t’s. there’s no way my name as an artist would ever be associated with a business who has no social decency, just their hands out for the cash. and your cute dog on the email, with his lame explanation of your lack of standards doesn’t fool anyone, or excuse you.

The canned response?

Thank you for contacting CafePress.com!
CafePress.com provides an automated service to a diverse and vibrant
community of international users, who may differ in their view about
what is considered offensive. We appreciate that you have brought
this content to our attention and will forward your concerns to the
appropriate department. If you would like to submit a formal written
complaint or have further questions regarding content in one of our
Shopkeepers stores please send an e-mail to cup@cafepress.com.

Somebody’s got to have principles. What jackasses and I’m the treehugger in the family! Not worth a ‘bite me‘. They just don’t get our business. And hopefully, none of yours.

One Response to “Happy Earthday, Swillers!”

  1. Nightfly says:

    There was an awful lot of four-letter English over there, wasn’t there? And probably just the same dozen or so people with a compulsive need to relieve themselves. And they’re scared of Christians having the vote?

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