Happy Father’s Day a Tad Late

But we were busy. major dad was catching up with Ebola in Germany…

…admiring the BUC-EE’s gear we keep him well supplied with…

…and then hustling out to the grill to whip up a FABULOUS Gascony-style leg o’ lamb, smoked over Jack Daniels whiskey barrel chips.

major dad worked his BUTT off!

I hope you wonderful guys had similarly rewarding days. Big hugs, and thank you.

One Response to “Happy Father’s Day a Tad Late”

  1. Syd B. says:

    I love Father’s Day as it is one of only two days per year on which my kids are relatively nice to me. The other day is their birthday…until they get their check.

    I wonder how Creepy Joe celebrated Father’s Day.


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