Happy St. George’s Day!!

I damn near forgot!

And this is cheerful news, especially if it signals a trend…

…April 23 is St. George’s Day, England’s national day. But it’s not a public holiday, and for decades it passed largely unnoticed — a far cry from its rowdy Irish counterpart, St. Patrick’s Day.
…That may be changing — St. George’s Day is experiencing a revival, as is the idea of Englishness itself.
Outside the realm of sport, English patriotism and the St. George flag long were shunned by liberal-minded Britons, regarded as the preserve of right-wing “Little Englanders” steeped in nostalgia and a mistrust of foreigners. Politicians promoted the notion of Britishness — an amalgamated identity open to native and foreign-born citizens, and to English, Welsh and Scottish alike.

Who doesn’t love a dragon-slayer?

5 Responses to “Happy St. George’s Day!!”

  1. Tainted Bill says:

    “Who doesn’t love a dragon-slayer?”

  2. nightfly says:

    The horse doesn’t seem too thrilled. “What the- a DRAGON? We’re fighting a damn DRAGON? Nobody told me this! WTF, George?”

  3. “Shut up and KICK, nag!”

  4. WordGirl says:

    Patriotism? How very un-British. They could sip tea and politely clap, golf style, mayhaps?

  5. thud says:

    I celebrated with last years cider vintage and
    I’m suffering now!…some of us do make a fuss…and more every year.

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