Have They Looked In Sandy Berger’s Pants?

Sandy. That name is just trouble

Precious historical artifacts like the Wright Brothers airplane patent, the bombing maps for the nuclear attack on Japan, the original eyewitness radio report of the Hindenburg disaster and photos taken by the astronauts on the moon are just some of the items stolen from our National Archives. So much of our past has been pocketed by thieves that the National Archives has formed a recovery team to get them back.

One Response to “Have They Looked In Sandy Berger’s Pants?”

  1. Greg Newsom says:

    That’s what happens when your nation is a downward spiral.
    Are you serious? Wow! It’s all over except the shouting.
    Did they ever find who stoled
    the atomic bomb secrets from Los Alamos,which the Chinese guy was acquitted from.Somebody took them.If
    it wasn’t him,then who was it?
    Read about the strange death
    of James Forrestal,Secretary
    of Defense.Thrown out of a window by Communists.

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