He Has a Paypal Button

Pat Dollard does, for “Young Americans”. (The video teasers might not be considered work safe if combat, potty mouthed Jarheads and a rocking ‘F*CK yeah’ sort of anthem playing in the background will get you ee-ville glances and a knuckle-smacking.)

GEORGE Clooney may be Steven Soderbergh’s muse, but the director’s ex-agent sure doesn’t seem to be a fan of the outspoken Oscar winner.
Pat Dollard was Soderbergh’s 10- percenter until he ditched his lucrative Tinseltown career to make a pro-war documentary about U.S. Marines fighting insurgents in Iraq. Last year, his Humvee convoy was blown up in Ramadi, killing two Marines and sending Dollard to the hospital with a concussion and shrapnel wounds.
So it’s understandable that Dollard might have been annoyed when Clooney chastised Democrats last year for not having the guts to condemn the war. While Dollard was careful not to name names, he told Page Six that he went into “a black rage” while in Iraq after reading a certain movie star’s pompous pronouncements online.
I read something on the Internet in which someone was patting himself on the back for having the courage to oppose the war,” Dollard recalled. In an obvious reference to Clooney, who owns a villa in Italy, he said, “They actually equate bravery with speaking out against the president because [losing fans] might cost them one less servant at their Italian villa . . . It put me into a black rage and made me sick to my stomach.

He sounds like quite a guy. I’m always a smidge behind the power curve, but thought if you hadn’t heard about it either, I’d pass it along. If the film doesn’t make it to HBO, we’ll be getting the DVD.

2 Responses to “He Has a Paypal Button”

  1. Dan Collins says:

    I’ll bet you dollards to cloonuts it’s a good movie.

  2. That 1 Guy says:

    Grooaaan… that was bad, DC. 😉
    But I do think it’s going to be damn good… I’ll be getting it, also.

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