“He Looked So Cute Like A Big Stuffed Animal I Had To Kiss Him”

Only problem being he was a live lion with a girlfriend

A teenager has survived being mauled by a lion after it dragged her into its cage when she tried to kiss it.

Lauren Fagen, 18, says she was kissing the fur of a male lion named Duma when he suddenly reached through the bars of his cage, grabbed her legs in and began mauling her.

The lion’s female mate also joined the attack, which occurred at the South Africa’s Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, where Ms Fagen has been volunteering since June 16.

The lion’s mate was heard to roar “Bitch!” as she attacked.

11 Responses to ““He Looked So Cute Like A Big Stuffed Animal I Had To Kiss Him””

  1. julie says:

    It’s interesting that they don’t mention what will happen to the lion and lioness… I’m wondering if an attack like that will necessitate that they be put down.

  2. Skyler says:

    Patel, Richard Parker is not your friend.

  3. JeffS says:

    Human beings are at the top of the food chain only when they use their brains. Even then, that position is precarious as hell. As Miss Fagen so clearly demonstrates.

  4. aelfheld says:

    I blame Disney.

  5. leelu says:

    My cousin in Billings, Mt has a fine collection of dumb tourist stories that all took place in Yellowstone. My favorite – the parents who put honey on their toddler’s head so the bear would lick it.

  6. BlackDog says:

    Lion name Duma, Girls name should be Dum*A**

  7. Kate P says:

    You’re supposed to practice making out with stuffed animals, not wild animals. But maybe that’s not the Canadian way.

  8. Gunslinger says:

    Are those new connections deep enough for you now, kiddo?

  9. Gunslinger says:

    “Ms Fagen said she felt a ‘deep connection’ to wild animals, especially big cats, and wanted to explore her ‘passion’ before entering university in September.”

    (still punchy from my road trip and six beers)

  10. Greg Newsom says:

    I’m willing to bet she’s probably got a drug problem, besides her injuries.

  11. mojo says:

    “Evolution in action”

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