Heart Attack City

…right here on our tube, baby.

Geaux, IRISH!!
UPDATE: Pffft. Major Dad adds (GRUDGINGLY) “Those illiterate Ohio State players, most of whom will never graduate…did a good job. Am I a sore loser? ALWAYS.” At least he has his ‘tinis to wallow in. No such luck, I.

13 Responses to “Heart Attack City”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    Yee haw! After being in Iraq with a battalion from Ohio, I hope we get a really delicious victory today!!
    But both teams look excellent.

  2. ExCRUciatingly excellent!!
    Argh…No nerves of steel here ~ we’re both ‘heart in our throats’.

  3. Nightfly says:

    OSU 21, ND 7 currently. Three long plays for scores. This hasn’t been pretty so far.

  4. ::GULP::
    Nope, it hasn’t. Catching a ball would be a good thing, Notre Dame-wise.

  5. Blocked kick, praise Touchdown Jesus!!

  6. Argh. That was an underwhelming 3 and out.

  7. Ken Summers says:

    Hey, who’s the little sissyboy in the green hat? [duck]

  8. Major Dad is correct. According to the NCAA, Ohio State’s graduaion rate is a pitiful 54 percent. Notre Dame has the best among the Top 25 football teams with 96 percent.
    Hopefully, Jersey Guy Charlie Weis will be as successful on the field as his team is in the classroom next season.

  9. Lisa says:

    I confess that I harbor unpure thoughts about that Samardzija kid from ND, even though he was ineffective in last night’s game. If I was a coed at ND, I’d be on him like Whoopi on a white man. Rowr.

  10. Lisa!! That’s disGUSTing!!!
    (And I SAW HIM FIRST, so BACK OFF!!)

  11. Lisa says:

    See, in my mind, I don’t FEEL that much older than they are, so I feel free to think, “Dadgum, he fills out those pants NICELY.”
    My fantasies are then OBLITERATED when they flash their birthdates on the screen. (1985? Ye gads. Wasn’t that yesterday?)

  12. Why is it we feel bad, nursing such thoughts about infants, but it’s okay for Tom Cruise?

  13. ::gasp:: And I’m SO RUDE!!!

    A Warm Swill WELCOME, Contrarian!!

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