Heart Of Darkness

Boy, old Marlon Brando’s life really got bizarre there his last few years, no?

IT WAS dark, cramped and run-down, but for nearly half a century it was Marlon Brando’s home. Now his neighbour Jack Nicholson, who paid £3.4m for the house after Brando died two years ago, is planning to demolish it and plant frangipani flowers over the plot.
…For safety reasons Nicholson will probably fill in the pool which, shortly before his death, Brando declared he would stock with electric eels to power his house and reduce his electric light bill.
…Nearly everything owned by Brando has been destroyed or sold. Yet there is one fragment of the legacy still unaccounted for: the Oscar he received for On the Waterfront (1954).
Relatives believe he either lost it, gave it to a friend or, in a darker mood, hid the 13in statue from debt collectors. The gold-plated knight may yet emerge from Frangipani’s dust during the demolition.

Although, I guess he did give some hints of oddness earlier on in his life…

2 Responses to “Heart Of Darkness”

  1. Is that Ward Churchill in drag?

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    No, that person actually has some Indian blood.

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