“Debt Man Talking”

Based on the Politico account, Obama spoke for seven minutes. If he’d talked a little longer, he might have taken the stock market down another 14 percent.

In the comments:

Can’t someone hand this guy a paddle-ball a la Mel Brooks’ governor in Blazing Saddles? Something to keep him busy for the next year and a half?…

2 Responses to “Heh”

  1. JeffS says:

    Governor William J. Lepetomane was funny, in a slap stick fashion. And a likeable doofus to boot.

    Obama? Not so much.

    But I agree, he needs to be kept away from the White House, so the adults can run the country. What about a tour of golf courses around the country? That’ll take him 2 years, easy.

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    What adults? The only adults are in the Tea Party. None of Obama’s cronies can be counted as adults, nor any of the Dems in Congress, nor Timmy the tax cheat, and while some of the GOPers in Congress might be, they went along with the debt ceiling rise that agreed to 2.4 trillion of debt increase we are sure to see before two years are up, and got only 7 billion of promised spending reductions next year and IOUs for more sometime within the next decade, that we are not likely to see honored.

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