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I’ll give him credit for being honest

Ed Miliband pledges to put Labour back on path to socialism

In an interview on Wednesday, the new Labour leader said that he wanted to take the party on the path back to his form of socialism.

Both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown rarely referred to “socialism” amid fears it would alienate voters who were fearful of the Left-wing Labour agenda in the 1980s.

…However, in an interview with BBC Radio 5, Mr Miliband was asked whether the socialist aims promoted by his late father could be “achieved by the Parliamentary path”.

“Yes, but it is not his form of socialism,” he replied. “It is my form of socialism which is a more fair, more just, more equal society. And that is the path that I will want to take our party on.”

Mr Miliband also warned that he was concerned about the high wages being earned by some Britons, and the pay gap between the best and worst paid.

He will institute a “High Pay Commission” to look at wages. That will certainly encourage economic recovery.

I’m sure he will be the darling of the Democrats here.

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