Here’s Ribeye In Your Eye

A couple of weeks ago Cullen and I were talking about meat, glorious meat, and I mentioned how I liked to buy big chunks o’cow at Costco and divvy them up into the freezer for gluttotudonous acts to be named later.

So naturally I went out to Costco and got me some Ribeye (instead of the usual NY Strips. What can I say? I’m all about diversity, people)

(yeah, I took the pics a few weeks ago; I’m a little behind on my food’n’booze postings)

Ah, 16 pounds of tasty boneless cow…and ain’t you a big fella?

Actually, too big for my cutting board, so let’s chop you in half to make things a tad more manageable. (And I will complain again about this Nikon S220 which is CRAP. I hate these grainy, noisy shots. I keep letting Daughter borrow the camera and my fervent hope is that she drops it but NO she keeps being responsible. Damn.)

This is just Choice, but look at that beautiful marbling…

Now since this half is roughly 8 pounds it’s real easy to mark out 8 steaks-to-be of approximately 1 pound each

and slicey slice slice

we start getting our little tasty beauts that will need to be trimmed of course and – what?

Anyhow, soon enough we get a nice stack of eight steaks

And trim away all of the excess fat and meaty bits around the edges. If you’re not the neatest person in the world, and I sure ain’t, sometimes meaty bits will tragically hit the floor

It’s good to keep your vacuum handy.

Anyhoo, soon you easily end up with sixteen delicious steaks

which get vacuum packed in 4 groups of 3 and 2 of 2 by Mr. Ziplock

Which we will start “disposing” of shortly…

8 Responses to “Here’s Ribeye In Your Eye”

  1. sheri says:

    I see you have a kitchen Roomba too. A black one. We have the brown one.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Pretty efficient “little” devices, ain’t they?

  3. nightfly says:

    Ours must be defective, it only picks up socks.

  4. LeeAnn says:

    I need a grill. Oh yes, a grill I need.

  5. Cullen says:

    Mine is by no means defective, but she stays outside during most of the prep sessions. She gets just a little too insistent sometimes.

    What did you cut those with? I’m investing in a larger chef’s knife and after doing a little research I’m actually moving away from the Wusthof and Henckels and looking harder at Global and MAC. My experience with quality kitchen cutlery is about nil, though.

    And listen to you … just Choice – you’re getting too used to the abundance of those Prime cuts. I have to go to my butcher to get Prime. That said, I do have a source for Wagyu out here, but good God, the price!

  6. Laura says:

    OH MAN. I loves me some ribeyes or a standing rib roast. Damn.

  7. don says:

    GREAT investment.

  8. Dr Alice says:

    Aww, Claude! and yummy, those look good. I think I must hie me hence to Costco.

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