….While the ban has impacted majority of oyster harvesting areas, some beds remain open but virtually ignored because of the economics of the oil spill.

Oystermen are earning more helping with the clean up,

…says Jeffers. As a result, some of Ameripure’s suppliers appear to be pursuing more lucrative spill clean up work rather than harvesting oysters in the beds that remain open.

Possibly impacting po’boy availability down the road?!?!?!

Oh, y’a’ll really pissing me off now.

UPDATE: Along that same line, remember our Democratic governor’s rousing endorsement of Captain’s Kickass coupla days ago?

Well, damn if we didn’t make World News Tonight, MSNBC

Globs of oil on Pensacola’s pristine white sand beaches

PENSACOLA, Fla. – This morning residents and tourists in Pensacola Beach awoke to the day they long feared.

The high tide, plus southeast winds overnight, brought globs of oil onto the pristine white sand beaches here. The oil is now fouling those beaches for as one official said, “as far as the eye can see.”

…NewsHour and only every OTHER damn major newscast from coast to effin’ coast AND world wide, thank you very much. AND the only folks on those nasty beaches they showed ~ besides the fat lady in the Hawaiian shirt crying ~ were BP people lazily sliding globs into Hefty bags. I mean, there’s only so mcuh sh*t you can shovel when MILES of beach are stretching away from the little group of twelve of you. What’s the rush, right? Break in ten minutes!!!

How’s your hug buddy doing NOW, Charlie? Like you really give a sh*t off camera.

One Response to “HEY, CAPTAIN KICKASS!!!”

  1. Rob says:

    We took in a local po-boy shop last week. Shrimp po-boys were going for $8.95 but oyster po-boys were going for $12.95. Most of the time, they’re the same or maybe $1 more for oysters in tough times. We had the shrimp.

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